Topic: Disbanded
Comments: The South St. Paul Male Chorus has decided, after 73 years, to disband as of May 31, 2016. We wish to thank all our friends and neighbors for your interest in and kind support of the chorus. We will sorely miss your faithful attendance for our spaghetti dinners, our concerts and our performances.

We tried hard to keep going, but changing times caught up with us and we could not keep up with finding new members or sufficient financial resources. We could not find a major sponsor to replace the City of South St. Paul when they could no longer support us after the meat packing industry left town.

Those of us who intend to keep singing will find other groups to join. The Eagan Men's Chorus is one such group. We strongly encourage our South St. Paul community to continue supporting the South St. Paul Choralettes. Please attend their performances, concerts and activities. They are a community treasure and deserve your kind attention.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories. It was a privilege to serve as the "Singing Ambassadors" of South St. Paul.

Bob Esko

President SSPMC
Bob Esko <Email Address Not Printed>
05/31/16 09:23 (EST)
Topic: Director
Comments: The South Saint Paul Male Chorus welcomes Erik Peregrine as our new Director / Artistic Director. Erik is an energetic young man that will continue the tradition of the SSPMC and lead us on new adventures. The SSPMC has always been directed by a high quality person and we are pleased to find Erik to continue that tradition.

We also thank Clayton Miller for seven years of very good leadership. Clayton originally offered to fill in for a year or two, but he was doing such a good job we kept encouraging him to continue. Last year he announced that the 2014/2015 season would be his last as the director. Clayton's musical interpretations and director skills were well appreciated by the men of the SSPMC.
Dale Fletcher <Email Address Not Printed>
10/17/15 12:07 (EST)
Topic: Christmas In South St. Paul
Comments: The long-time Community Event, Christmas in South St. Paul, will not be held in December of 2013!
David Thomas <Email Address Not Printed>
10/16/13 09:07 (EST)
Old item but might be worth viewing if you haven't already seen it!
Topic: Christmas In South St Paul Videos on YouTube
Comments: Each Christmas season the SSPMC participates in "Christmas in South Saint Paul". This year some video of the performance has been edited into short clips and uploaded to YouTube. The link below is of the SSPMC. Be sure to listen to the beginning narration which explains why this song was in a Christmas show. The preceeding narration in the show talked about the history of South Saint Paul and the fact that the stockyard was closed in 2008. So we sang the Auctioneer and dressed up in memory of the stockyard.
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Dale Fletcher <Email Address Not Printed>
12/28/08 20:33 (EST)

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