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(As we await the appearance of the NEW AMCA WEB PAGES, items on this current site are simply a "place holder" for AMCA on the web and most pages should be considered as ARCHIVED INFORMATION ONLY!)

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    Email addresses and personal contact information are not publicly displayed on the AMCA web pages. A Username and Password will be provided (upon request) to AMCA members that wish to have access to such.
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    This site does not give out any information to other third party sources. The directories are designed to be similar to an on-line telephone/email/address directory.
    If you do not want to be listed, please e-mail me with your request and it will be deleted. However, please remember that all of our names are already on the internet in numerous places ... including on-line telephone books.
    Your privacy rights are not degraded by being listed here, nor are your privacy rights enhanced by not being listed.

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