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Executive Council (Officers) of AMCA

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Synopsis of Reorganization Basics of AMCA

Associated Male Choruses of America, Inc.

(Brief Synopsis of new organization from the By-Laws 2004)
(By-Laws Main Page)

From my understanding, AMCA International will now be called

Executive Council

Article II

     2. Each District shall appoint representatives to the Executive Council consisting of one (1) elected Active Member representative (President or Governor), or a designated alternate.
     3. Voting Power shall be vested with the member choruses through their District Representative to the Executive Council.

Article III

     1. There shall be a Board of Directors, herein called the Executive Council, consisting of one (1) elected Active Member representative from each District, of which one will be elected Council Chairman and another will be elected Council Vice Chairman and, additionally, the Executive Director who shall be a non-voting member of this Council.
     2. A District from which the elected officers are drawn shall appoint an alternate representative to the Executive Council for the duration of the term of office, as the elected officers represent the Associated at all meetings.

Article IV

A. The Executive Council shall hold an annual business meeting. The Executive Council will set annual meeting dates. The Chairman may call a meeting of the Executive Council if he deems it necessary, provided a thirty (30) day notice is given to all affected members.

B. ... Voting powers are as follows:
     1. Each member of the Executive Council, except the Appointive Officers, shall be entitled to one vote at all Associated meetings.

Article V

A. The Chairman shall appoint all long term (standing) and short term committees. These committees shall report directly to the Chairman unless otherwise charged. Long term (standing) committees shall consist of the following:
1. Audit:
2. Music Review:
3. Constitution and By-laws:
4. Recruitment, Promotion and Publicity:
5. International Big Sing:
6. Scholarship Committee:

Article VI

The elective officers of the Associated Executive Council shall be chosen from Active Members and shall consist of:
1. (1) Chairman,
2. (1) Vice Chairman.
3. The officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the Executive Council present.
C APPOINTIVE POSITIONS: (appointed by the Executive Council)
1. Executive Director,
2. Treasurer,
3. CHORISTER (Newsletter) Editor,
4. Web Manager,
5. Music Review Chairman,
6. Legal Counsel,
7. Historian.

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