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Music Is The Focus

     "The Music" is what makes male choruses different from other social/activity groups. These men share an enthusiasm for singing and the comraderie of "singing with friends". These AMCA men "love to sing" and their directors are constantly "searching" for good, interesting, challenging, and fun music to include in the chorus performance repertoire.
     Male chorus singing has a long tradition of excellence and there is much music "of the masters" (considered by some to be "music of the past") available for use. Directors (and Singers) are constantly "on the alert" to find "Modern music" to perform as well.
     The Associated Male Choruses of America encourages current music publishers to publish music for male chorus and encourages "modern composers" to compose/arrange music for these exciting groups.
Music Reviews
     The AMCA Music Reviewer is the lead person in AMCA endeavors. He reviews new music for male chorus and makes recommendations about new music to the AMCA Directors.
Music Lists
     AMCA establishes a Common Repertoire List and suggests that all choruses should have these selection in their library and should be able to perform these selections. This Common Repertoire List provides a starting point for selecting music for AMCA Music Festivals (called Big Sings). Some Districts have also developed their own Common Repertoire Lists.
     It is stongly suggested to become familiar with the use of the two data bases of Male Chorus Music on the AMCA Web site. Many "bits of music information" can be obtained with a quick search of either or both of these data bases. All the AMCA Music Lists are located in these data bases also. See: Music For Male Chorus and AMCA Shared Libraries & Music Lists.
Composition Contest
     AMCA encourages "new music" to be written for Male Chorus through a Choral Composition Contest each year. The AMCA Music Chair is the resource and contact person for this annual contest.
Music Notes - Music Resources
     These web pages provide some sharing of ideas in AMCA in "the search for new music", "the familiarization with the traditional music", and "creating new experinces through music".

Additional Reviews?
The following is a note in the Chorister of February 2006
    [Editor's note] I'm pleased to announce the revival of a column that ran occasionally in the Chorister in the 80s and 90s, Dr. Al Robertson's Program Notes. Dr. Al provided reviews of music aimed to help singers understand the mood and context of the songs, rather than the technical nuances thereof ... I hope to continue this offering on a regular basis ...
    [Web Manager] I have provided a link to these NEW reviews. IF the reviews continue, I may keep the links coming with succeeding issues of the Chorister. (See: Chorister, Feb 2006 - December's Child & Wno's That Baby?)

See also: Chorister, Oct 2006 for more reviews but Dr. Al Robertson

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Next to silence, the nearest thing to expressing the inexpressible is music! (A. Huxley)
Beauty in music is too often confused with something that lets the ears lie back in an easy chair. (Charles Ives)

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